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Updating Your Entry

Hello, we are Jane Barnes & Rob Green – we maintain the Vegetarian Vacations directory.

If you need to update your entry:-

Send updates to...

mail before vegetarianvacations then com with "Updating Vegetarian Vacations entry" in the subject. Please state the title of your entry and the name/address of the page where it appears on the Vegetarian Vacations directory

Updated descriptions should have a maximum of 15 words.

There is a small admin fee of £20 (20 GB pounds) for updates.

Payments can be made via PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice when we have updated your website entry. UK residents can also pay by cheque (ask us for details).

20 GB pounds is approximately 27 US Dollars or 22 Euros (January 2018 data). To check the latest conversion rate, go to Universal Currency Converter (a free service run by Xenon Laboratories).